Put WiFi and Crist Technology Solution to work for you

We are connecting via WiFi more than ever.  Are you getting the most out of your wireless solution?  Or do you even have one?  Crist Technology Solutions can evaluate your current system or give you a whole turn-key solution for installing your own WiFi system.  

Let's take a moment to explain what WiFi is.  It is simply an extension of your wired Local Area Network (LAN) that gives you an opportunity to be more mobile and productive in the workplace.  Signals are broadcast from wireless access points (WAP) throughout your business.  These WAPs are connected via cabling back to your network equipment. Your devices connect via a Service Set IDentifier (SSID) , or more simply your WiFi network name, for network and internet access.  All of these things are important for you to understand as you contemplate a WiFI solution. 

Crist Technology Solutions has the necessary experience to design and install a robust and secure WiFi system for your business.  We take a look at several key components when considering the design of your network.  Some of those components include : your budget, existing network infrastructure, building construction, proposed use of WiFi system, and more. 

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